the raging bull by alfmphotography another shot of the Tejas Rodeo Show

…desierto de Tabernas… by rafaelramosfenoy …un paraíso para el fotógrafo…es de esos lugares que vas una y otra vez y siempre es distinto…

[up] by WolfT Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Darya by tsirkinviktor

Geometrical bath by sillon

Steps by Snas1 With autumn comes the time to play around with light and processing. I like shooting flowers from time to time just because they got so many different expressions to give. I didn’t spend much time processing this one, but it did take me a few shots to get what I was looking for in its expression. I used a led stick with four lights. Since I also am too lazy to rigging the tripod to get this close, I shot handheld with one hand. Holding the light with the other. Yes, I know. I’m reckless, and yes, I know there are more “correct” ways to do this but where’s the fun? Where’s the play in that? Heck, I even learned some new swear words over this :-) Educational AND fun! Ha!
Vinni the Shoo

Iris by julienrefauvelet Modèle : Iris
Facebook photographe :

BIFF 5.0 by sirtyler76 Busan Cinema Center, designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Small abstract section of the Busan Cinema Center.

Reflector by frenklukas

Mystical plains by AME29 © AM Erdogan 2014 - All rights reserved

Please watch on black background

These are the standing stones of Lagatjar above the village of Camaret in France (Brittany).
There used to be at least 600 of them, unfortunately and as often, a lot were destroyed along centuries. It appears that they are orientated toward the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus and could have been a astronomical observatory.
Whatever they were used for, the place has still quite a magical atmosphere…